Supreme Drops Fall/Winter


William Irvine

Supreme fanny pack as worn by TJ Murphy.

William Irvine and TJ Murphy

Supreme, the brand taking the world by storm that you are now seeing everywhere possible, has been very rapidly picking up popularity among teenagers and celebrities. Supreme is a new age high-end clothing brand, that rivals both Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Instead of selling clothes at absurdly high prices, they drop a few items once a week and the price, while still high, is nothing compared to the cost of similar items from brands like Louis Vuitton or Gucci. Also unlike other brands, Supreme tends to sell non-clothing items, like a brick or crowbar, that feature their signature logo. Their method of selling limited items at high prices causes the items in their weekly drops to sell out in mere seconds. This policy has also opened up a vast resale market online on websites like eBay and most commonly StockX where the items sold in the drops depending on the item being sold can double or triple or sometimes even go higher than that in price.

December 13’s drop was comprised of the typical assorted t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a few small items for collectors.

The most hype item of this week’s drop was the Cat in the Hat T-shirt which is a cut-paste logo from the hoodies that dropped October 4, for $168.

One of our favorite items is the Luden’s Beanie in light blue. The brand logo is very clean looking and the color contrast of the red and white on the light blue is sublime.

The items released appear below.


Supreme Smile Tee $36

Cat in the Hat Tee $44

Marvin Gaye Tee $48

Roses Corduroy Shirt $128

Striped Long-sleeved Polo $110

Luden’s Tee $44

Bombay Tee $36


Motif L/S sweater $110


Snowflake toggle fleece jacket $238

GORE-TEX 700-fill down parka $648


Marvin Gaye Hoodie $178

Thermal zip-up sweatshirt $198


Supreme NY Camp Cap $48

GORE-TEX Taped Seam Trooper $88

Luden’s Beanie $36


Snowflake Yellow Gaiter $36

Santa Ornament $42

Luden’s Throat Drops $2

Marvin Gaye Skateboard $66

December 20 Supreme drop



Sherpa Lined Denim Shirt $138


Plaid Front Zip Sweater $198


Supreme Schott Down Leather Vest $628


Knit Stripe Hooded L/S Top $138

Supreme/Champion Label Hooded Sweatshirt $158

Quilted Hooded Sweatshirt $158


Patent leather patch Camp Cap $48

Harris Tweed Camp Cap $54


Quilted Sweatpants $148


Supreme Steiff Bear $178

Blessed DVD $20

Logo Repeat Scarf 88$