Student Senate Recap: May Shaping Up to Be a Whirlwind


Olivia Lusala

Invested in the workings of City High’s very own bureaucracy? You’ve come to the right place.

Mira Bohannan Kumar, Web & Copy Editor

The student senate meeting on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 began with a demonstration of the prom poster made by Julia Coelho ’19. It will only go from 8-11 pm, rather than until midnight as it has in years past.

When asked what reason to give for this scheduling change, faculty adviser Judith Dickson said, “Party after prom…blame it on th[e junior class parents.]”

Tickets will be sold only in advance, and there will be a fund to give free tickets to students who cannot pay for a ticket.

The senate moved on to discussion of the senior picnic and outdoor movie night.

“[Coleman] was hesitant to [rent us Bates Field] in the fall, but I think he would be more willing to do it now, when there isn’t anything athletic going on,” President Lottie Gidal ’19 said. “I don’t think equipment is anything we need to worry much more about.”

The senate discussed how best to choose a movie and tackle licensing costs.

“I don’t really want to charge admission,” Gidal said. “City High owns a popcorn machine and if we were to sell popcorn for a dollar a bag, that could cover some of the costs.”

The senate has been talking over whether to hold the outdoor movie night and the senior picnic on the same day.

“We were talking about that on Friday, [a day] that combined senior picnic and then this event,” Vice President Naomi Meurice ’19 said.

Another idea for the coming spring is to have a jazz festival at City, comprised of music, games, and the movie night at the end.

“We were thinking it’d be a nice end to show art,” Meurice said. “There are a lot of up and coming artists at City. Student artists would be able to show off their talents, but id would also be just a lot of fun.”

The senate meets every Wednesday at 8:10 in Room 3311. To learn more, attend meetings, which are open to all students, or contact Steve Tygrett, the primary faculty adviser.