Student Senate Recap: Senate Abolishes Gender Categories For Homecoming

Shoshie Hemley, Opinion Editor

Similar to last week’s meeting, any latecomers to today’s student senate meeting were forced to stand near the door due to every seat in the classroom being filled. The second meeting of the year was no less lively than the first. Last week’s discussion was on potential solutions to the gendered homecoming court system. This week, the senate voted on it after much discussion. As student body president Mira Bohannan Kumar ‘20 was reading the senate’s resolution, other students yelled out in protest, stating that there were multiple possible resolutions as well as that the entire student body should decide, not just the senate. Different voices filled the room until it erupted into complete chaos. Eventually, Bohannan Kumar was able to cease the discord and call a vote. 

The resolution stated, “The student senate hereby resolves to abolish gender categories in the voting for the homecoming court. Henceforth, 28 students will be selected from the senior class, then narrowed to 14 for the homecoming.”

The resolution passed with a 24-11 vote in favor of abolishing gender categories. 

“I think the student senate has really carefully talked about [abolishing gender categories] for several years, debating it,” Melanie Gibbens, a student senate sponsor, said.  “I think they’re willing to explore something that is more reflective of our student body. I think it’s a good thing.” 

 Following the newly passed resolution, two more votes occurred. 

At the last meeting, seniors who wished to run for student senate treasurer were told to prepare speeches. Mark Krysan ‘20 and Demetrious Littlemoon ‘20 were the sole runners, with Littlemoon winning the vote. 

The last vote to occur was the decision of the homecoming dance theme. Three ideas were presented: Party Gras, the 60’s, and the 80’s. Seniors Thomas Mcmillan, Joe Schuessler, and Ethan Hudson, presented a humorous slideshow convincing the senate to choose the Party Gras theme. Their comedic presentation was able to sway the vote in their favor, resulting in the homecoming dance theme being Party Gras. 

Before ending the meeting, the senators split up into their committees to prepare for homecoming. September 25 will be the parade date and the dance will be on the 28. Student senate meetings are open to all students who wish to attend on Wednesday mornings at 8:15 in Mrs. Gibbens’ room.