4th Ave and Charisma Perform at Winter Show


Ian Allen '21 performing solo about 1969 moon landing

Jae Dancer and Rachel Meehan

One of 4th Avenue Jazz Company’s first performances was projected on to a screen in Opstad Auditorium as people filed into their seats. The upbeat music and energetic dancing prepared the audience for the show they were about to see. In the crowd were many City High Alumni and two of the former City High Choir teachers Jim Berry and the founder of show choir at City High, Larry Monson.

“To me, show choir is fun and wholesome,” It makes everything worth it and I love the sense of completion,” Yardly Waylen ’20 said.

The first showing started at 3:00 on Saturday, December 14. Charisma took the stage first, singing songs with the theme of regaining self-confidence. They were followed by three special acts. Garret Forbes ’20 sang River, accompanied by Diego Pacitto-Biggers ’20 on the piano. Rachel Meehan ’21 and her sister Ruth Meehan ’22 sang a duet of Bruno Mar’s Count on Me. Additionally, Gabe Baird ’21, Liam Barron ’20, Phong Nguyen ’20, and Sam Strathern ’21, sang a barbershop quartet version of Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream). Jazz Collective came on the stage decked out in festive holiday sweaters. Their performance of (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman was accompanied by Ana Van Beek ’21 who soulfully belted out Aretha Franklin’s iconic song. Jazz Collective then left the stage and Ava Lybarger ’22 sang Lost Boy accompanied by Alyssa Wasmund ’22. Lizzi Ayers performed a stand-up comedy act and Frances Bottorff ’22 with Rebecca Michaeli ’22 on piano performed (I Try). 4th Avenue Jazz Company closed out the show with six songs about the moon landing in 1969. They had solos by Ian Allen ’21, Lauren Rude ’20, and Van Beek. At the end of the show,  4th avenue director Tyler Hagy invited all of the current and former City High students or faculty to sing the Alma Mater under the direction of Larry Monson.

The 7:00 show began with Charisma as well, but a new selection of special acts starting with Jacy Pugh ’21 singing Mary Did You Know. Edmund Camacho ’23 performed a magic trick and Mya Kahle ’20, Rude, and Sophia Surom ’20 sang Let It Snow. They were followed by the Jazz Ensemble who played four songs, one with vocal soloist Rude. The Show choir Combo performed September and then Rachel Marsh ’22 sang People Help The People accompanied by Jake Roth ’22. 4th avenue preformed their space-themed show for the last time that night, then the celebration began. The crowd filed down to the City High cafeteria for a spaced themed, 40th-anniversary reception. Cupcakes celebrating both show choirs littered the tables accompanied by donated treats from parents. Costumes from shows in the past adorned the walls along with a spaced themed photo opportunity with a cut out of the man himself, Neil Armstrong. 

4th ave and Charisma have not started their competition season. Their first competitive show will be the Linn-Marr supernova held at Linn-Marr High School in Marion Iowa. 

“Going forward, I am really looking forward to seeing my team improve throughout the competition season. It would be really cool this year if we could get to the level of being in finals.” Eva Lybarger ‘22 said.