Choirs for a Cause

Rachel Meehan, A&E and Copy Editor

On Wednesday, January 8th, the City High show choirs will be joining the West High and Liberty High show choirs in a joint performance at Liberty High School. This annual performance is dedicated to raising money for a local charity or organization. This year the proceeds of this event will go to the Fight with Flash foundation, inspired by former West High student, Austin Schroeder. This is also an opportunity for the show choir students to learn from the other groups as they enter the show choir competition season. 

“I’m most excited to see how the [show choirs] from Liberty and West have improved,” said Lizzi Ayers ‘20. “I think it’s good before competition season starts that we can see where similar groups are in their progress at this point in the year. We are already further ahead than we were last year in terms of cleanliness and sharpness of the moves, and I think we can also watch them and think about how we can improve with our show.”

The Choirs for a Cause performance will be held at Liberty High School in North Liberty at 7:30. Tickets are $10 per person. Both Charisma and the 4th Avenue Jazz Co. will be performing.