4th Ave Turns down Linn-Marr Supernova

Jae Dancer, Reporter

Due to the bad weather conditions, 4th Ave and Charisma made the call deciding not to compete at the annual Linn-Marr Supernova competition leaving many City High students disappointed.  

“We were really excited because we put so much time and effort in during practice and because we knew it was going to be a big competition,” Ana Van-Beek ‘21 said.

The Linn-Mar Supernova has historically been one of the most competitive show choir tournaments in Iowa. City High show choirs compete against some of the most highly ranked show choirs around the state. Charisma was scheduled to perform at 8:50 am and 4th ave at 2:40 pm with awards and finals taking place later in the night. 

“It makes me feel really sad that it got canceled because we were preparing for it for so long,” Van-Beek said.