Auditions Begin for Matilda


Sophia Wagner, Reporter

This week marks the start of the musical process. This year, high schoolers will be transported back to their younger selves in a production of Matilda. Despite the characters in the musical being young children, they will not cast any elementary aged students. 

Auditions, which will be held on the 29 and 13 of January, will consist of students performing monologues as well as a rehearsed musical number. 

“There are about ten featured roles in the musical and then there’s room for about twenty more people,” director Troy Peters said. 

The show’s directors may also double cast parts if they feel as though it would best fit the role. Students are encouraged to not get too attached to one character, as they may fit better in a part they have not previously considered. 

“You’ll be considered for all roles no matter what you specifically audition for. We want to place people in the role that they are right for,” Peters said. 

Despite the hectic process of auditions, students are still excited for the musical. Ana Leyser ‘22 is excited to be involved in her third production at City. 

“I think I could be a great child,” Leyser said, “But if I don’t get in I’ll be happy in shift crew. I’ve done it for such a long time that it’s kind of like a second home.”

Auditions start January 28 and the cast list will be out on Saturday, February 1. Stay tuned!