City High Show Choirs Compete at Sadie Street Showcase


Iris Wedemeyer '23 performing on stage

Jae Dancer, Reporter

On February 2 City High show choirs competed in the 2020 Sadie Street showcase with Charisma finishing first in the unisex prep division and 4th ave finishing third in the varsity division. 

“I was really shocked [aboutfirst] because we were warned that there were good [teams] there that had more experience in them we were really focused on putting on a good show and I think we had the right mindset for it,’ Lucy Corbin ‘22 said. 

4th ave performed at 4:20 in the afternoon, making it into finals and performing again later that evening. 

“Our daytime performance was pretty good and it felt like we were collectively working as a team.” Ian Allen ‘21 said. “It felt like we were just very together, and that it really brought us closer because we were celebrating together.” 

In the past few months, 4th Ave has lost two senior members due to busy senior schedules and not having enough time for show choir.

“It’s kind of like losing a family member because they were both pretty unexpected and both were substantial parts of the show choir,” Allen said. “But honestly I think it had its advantages because everyone realized that their spot wasn’t permanent and it kind of lit a fire under us and made us overall more motivated to perform well.” 

Overall, 4th Ave and Charisma have two more competitions left in their season with their final competitions on February 15th and 22nd at Keokuk and Indianola high schools. 

“I’m really excited to see where we are at the end of the season,” Corbin said. “I feel like from the beginning until the end you improve so much so I’m looking forward to where the end of the season will take us.”