All-State Audition Results


Ruth Meehan

The three accepted vocalists pose with their “I’m an All-Stater” stickers along side Mr. Walker and Mr. Hagy

Ruth Meehan, A&E Editor

After months of preparation for the Iowa All-State Music Festival auditions, the results came out on October 24th. At City High School, a total of eighteen students were accepted; seven in the band, three in the choir, and nine in the orchestra. Due to COVID-19, the Iowa All-State festival was canceled but students still had the opportunity to audition for the honor of being selected. 

The canceled festival didn’t stop the excitement of being named a 2020 All-Stater for Sam Strathern ‘21. 

“I was very excited that I got accepted. I did not get in last year so I was really hoping I would make it this year,” said Strathern. 

In a normal year, there would be one day full of students across the state of Iowa auditioning in different locations around the state. This year students had to submit videos of themselves singing or playing their instrument. Some students chose to record their audition at school while others chose to record by themselves at their homes. Strathern chose to record from home.

“I recorded my audition in my bedroom. The one good thing about recording at home was that I could record multiple times it wasn’t one and done like a normal audition”

Students and teachers alike are hopeful that next year auditions will go back to normal but Strathern encourages students to audition no matter what the auditions look like. 

“I say go for it! Make sure you look at the music really early on and practice a lot. The worst possible outcome is that you don’t get in.”


Look below for a complete list of accepted students



Rachel Meehan ‘21 Alto

Eva Stadtlander ‘22 Soprano

Sam Strathern ‘21 Bass



Adrian Bostian ‘23 Cello

Oliver Bostian ‘21 Viola

Wayne Joseph ‘21 Viola

Marina Escandell ‘24 Cello

Ruth Meehan ‘22 Cello

Claire Sauder ‘24 Cello

Kent Zdan ‘22 Violin

Adam Zeithamel ‘23 Cello

Greta Stanier ‘23 Cello Alternate



Matisse Arnone ‘23 French Horn

Laila Butler-Mills ‘21 Clarinet

Keith Friestad ‘21 Percussion

Laura Friestad ‘21 Clarinet

Adam Holmes ‘21 Basson

Monique Schnoebelen ‘23 Oboe

Ella Sherlock ‘23 Basson