Show Choir Plans To Release Virtual Performance

Despite a very different format, performers remain grateful for a community found within City High’s show choir.


Courtesy of Jordan Ellis

Senior members of Fourth Avenue Jazz Company cheer on junior varsity Charisma during their rehearsal.

Sophia Wagner, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Jake Roth ‘22 sat down at a piano, raised his chin in line with the microphone, and looked out to the array of empty chairs that filled Opstad Auditorium. After recording a solo act, Roth would return to the rest of City High’s show choir in order to film a virtual performance. Despite the incredibly different format, students enjoyed the chance to work together and showcase their skills. 

“Everyone wanted to be there and we all love seeing each other,” said Roth. “It was like this one thing that we could count on. We always knew that we had show choir every Monday and Thursday. Whether it was online or in person, we got to be with those people. We got to get through this with everyone else.”

Alice Boerner ‘22 joined show choir this past fall. Although Boerner has yet to experience an official show choir competition season, she has enjoyed her time within the choir. 

“I think being in show choir this year has been really strange because we’re not working towards any competitions or big performances,” explained Boerner. “It was really a lot of hard work that was a little bit odd because we knew that it wasn’t going to be like a regular year. But we still all got together and worked really hard on choreography. It was really cool to have a community of people who were there just to get better.”

A link will be released for purchase on March 12 in order to view the virtual performance.