Matilda Cast Highlight

Members of the Matilda cast were asked one question: what’s your favorite part of the City High Drama Department?


Sophia Wagner

Choreography practice for Matilda

Sophia Wagner, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Anna Matson ‘23: I’m only a sophomore, so I’ve only been in a couple shows, but I do really enjoy being able to be around people in Matilda. [Drama] is my main activity, so it gives me the social interaction that I have and I really love all the people that are a part of it. Everyone here is super supportive which makes it a really fun time. It’s really enjoyable to be in the drama department.

Maya Richards ‘21: I would have to say that my favorite thing is just getting to be around people. It’s really hard right now to be around people so doing [Matilda] is a really fun experience.

Ana Leyser ‘22: My favorite part about the drama department is that we get to learn new, fun dances. I absolutely love the dances, and also the people. The drama department is just a lot of fun, and there’s never any pressure. 

Shoshanna Hemley ‘21: I think my favorite part about [the drama department] is the community. I have these people I didn’t know coming into theater, and then you make these bonds and build friendships and connections instantly. Upperclassmen are always willing to take underclassmen under their wings. It builds a lot of lifelong friendships in theater. 

Rachel Meehan ‘21: I guess I have not been in theater as much as a lot of other people, but I found that all the people [in the drama department] are so welcoming. It doesn’t matter when you start; you’re instantly part of the group.