Drip: City High’s First Fashion Club

Two City High students initiate the beginning of a new fashion club within the school.


Sophia Wagner

Students gather onstage for introductions at the first meeting of Drip.

Sophia Wagner, Web Executive; Arts & Entertainment Editor

Students crowded onto the stage of Opstad Auditorium as City High’s new fashion club, Drip Club, was called to order. The president of Drip, Faith Odhiambo ‘22, later explained her inspiration for starting the club. 

“I knew other schools have fashion clubs, and I know there are a lot of students at City High who are interested in fashion, and I just kind of wanted to create a space for fashion at school,” Odhiambo said. “[Fashion] is one of the easiest ways I can express myself. It just makes me really happy.”

Erin Liebig’22, co-president of the club, went on to explain Drip’s goals for the year, including a weekly “Best Dressed” competition as well as a hallway fashion show. 

“Hopefully we can just get everyone thinking more about what they wear and the clothes they buy,” Liebig said. 

After having over fifty students show up to the first meeting, both Odhiambo and Liebig are hopeful for a successful beginning of this new addition to City High’s extensive list of clubs. 

“You definitely should join, no matter how interested or experienced you are with fashion. If it interests you at all, you should come because we can have discussions about [fashion] and it should be fun,” Odhiambo said. 

Drip Club meets during advisory each Tuesday.