Marching Band Prepares to Take the Field at Kinnick Stadium for the Clash at Kinnick


Lauren Koch

Members of marching band play the fight song at the pep rally

Esther Puderbaugh, A&E Editor

As students shuffled into the Little Hawk Arena for the beginning of year pep rally, they were greeted by the boom of the City High fight song, signaling the return of the City High Marching Band. This year, the boom of the band will not only be echoing on Bates Field. On Friday, August 26, City High Football returns with its first game of the year taking place in the University of Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium. 

“I think [marching at Kinnick will be] a really good opportunity for us because we really don’t get to march on college fields,” said Alto Saxophone section leader Reyna Roach ‘24. “Especially for people who want to go into a collegiate-level marching band, it will be good for them.”

An incredible opportunity for members of the band, marching at Kinnick isn’t without its challenges. 

“The biggest challenge for us and the football team is the college hash system [on the field] which is very different to the high school hashes,” Band Director Aaron Ottmar said. “Both groups are trying to adjust and make sure that we can both perform at a high level.”

Regardless of the challenges, Roach is looking forward to Friday night. 

“I am most looking forward to pre-game. It’s super stressful because we’re all together and even the freshmen who kind of don’t know what they’re doing get to be a part of it,” Roach said. “Going out onto the field with the cadences just feels great.”

Clash at Kinnick will take place at 7:15 pm. Television coverage will be available through KCRG-TV 9.2. Tickets are available online through City High’s site.