Q&A: James Meggitt ‘24

From paintballing in the forest behind his house, to his infamous folder that keeps every sheet of paper he’s received since Freshman year, calling Meggitt a unique guy would be an understatement
James Meggitt, 23, in the art room after designing his paintball helmet
James Meggitt, ’23, in the art room after designing his paintball helmet

Meet James Meggitt. He keeps all of his papers from the entire year in the same folder, since Freshman year, he made his own paintball course in his backyard and hopes of working in the space exploration industry after high school. 

I got the pleasure to sit down with James and ask him a few questions about his day to day life. Here are his answers to some of my burning questions.

Favorite class at City High? 

Any Project Lead The Way engineering course.

Most embarrassing moment during your time at City High?

The time I poked myself with a box cutter in AP Calculus while making a model rocket that never left the ground. I was disappointed in myself and by the look on his face, so was Mr. Miller.

What are your plans after high school?

I hope to pursue a masters degree in mechanical or aerospace engineering before working in the space travel/exploration industry. 

After I retire, I might start an Ultimate Frisbee team at a nursing home; it’ll be the new pickleball. 

At age eighty-two, surrounded by loving friends and family, I will announce my campaign for the 2090 presidential election.

What’s with the folder?

Early in my freshman year, Mr. Finger graded an Algebra II packet of mine as missing. I was certain that I had submitted it and that it had been handed back to me, but I had recycled the paper already. I had to redo the packet, but I vowed never to make the same mistake again. I began collecting (Mr. Burkle calls it hoarding) my school-related papers in one folder per year, resulting in an astounding twelve pounds my junior year.

All of these folders will be on display at my graduation party.

I would highly recommend any incoming freshmen to adopt this practice, as I have not encountered any similar issues with assignments since I began the tradition.

If you could have any pet, what would it be and why?

I fell asleep halfway through Jurassic Park but from what I saw, the Tyrannosaurus Rex looked like a sick pet. 

Other than that, Voodoo, my cat, is pretty cool.

Would you live anywhere other than Iowa City if you could choose? 

Mars, obviously.

What kicked off the paintballing hobby? 

My reckless purchase of a paintball shooter after playing at a birthday party. I then got many of my own friends to play, and some even purchased shooters of their own.

Any advice to the underclassmen? 

Do extracurriculars early in your high school career. They can help grow your interest in a career, or strengthen your knowledge of everyday things like sewing or brutal robot combat. 

Also get a part time job; it’s good for college savings, and you’ll have an opportunity to earn disposable income!

Have you had any luck in the dating world?

Unsurprisingly, no.

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