Top Ways to Follow the Election


With the election season concluding tonight, here are the top ways to follow the results:

1. CNN Politics Interactive Map

Interactive Map that allows users to predict the outcome of the presidential election.

2. Politico Map, with breakdown in each state

Using live updates, Politico provides users with a detailed report of results throughout the country, among each state, and counties within each state. Results include Presidential, Senate, House, and Key Ballot Measures.

3. 270towin’s User-Generated Map

Users can create their own scenarios using this highly-interactive map, and visualize the electoral vote distribution between the two major candidates.

4. FiveThirtyEight Senate and President Election LIVE analysis

Live coverage of presidential and senatorial elections with neat visuals, and interactive content. Highlights of features include margins of victory per state, “beehive” breakdown of electoral college votes, predicted election outcomes and more.

Check out Sam Wang’s Electoral College Map– proportional to each state’s influence.