The Show Choir Family


Cecile Bendera

Marisa Rude ’19 and Asha Keller ’19 are both apart of the 4th Ave show choir

Cecile Bendera and Mariam Kieta

Show choir is a place where city highs most talented dancers and performers lye. It is also a comfortable environment where everyone is comfortable and feels welcomed.

“I think that this team and this year has been a lot closer since the year has passed,” said Marisa Rude ‘19. “That has been a really great part of show choir for me, especially being my last year. It’s just a really great atmosphere to work in.”

Asha Keller ‘19 has found show choir to be fun but also uses it to deal with her stage fright.

“I have always had stage fright and I still get nervous every time I speak. When I am singing I get even more nerves, but when the performance is over am all calm,” said Keller. “It’s a little nerve-wracking for me because I had a special act. I had a little solo and I was singing Whitney Houston in front and center on one of the songs.”

All are welcome to audition to become a member of one of City High’s award-winning show choir.

“I definitely recommend joining show choir to other people. It would be great. You would make new friends and it’s also really fun,” Rude said.