City High Fashion

What students at City High are wearing


Kierra Zapf

Jacob Pajunen '15; Clara Benson '15; Evan Grace '15

What’s in? What’s out? What stores are best to invest in? These are the fashion questions on teenagers’ minds, especially at City High.

“I shop mostly online,” says Jacob Pajunen ‘15. “Forever 21 actually has a lot of good guy stuff, along with GAP. Any place that’s fairly cheap. My style changed back in the day. I used to not really care, but after going to this new school, I had to start dressing more business casual.”

On the girls’ side of fashion, Katrina Scandrett ‘15 let us in on her favorite places to shop and her personal style.

“I really love shopping at Dry Goods at the mall. Statement jewelry is my thing and they have a lot of it, but I don’t really stick with one store,” says Scandrett. “As a freshman and sophomore, I felt like I tried to fit in more with everyone else, but really changed my style during junior year. I feel that as we mature, we start to gain our own style because you aren’t trying to fit in as much.”

When it comes to school-appropriate attire, Scandrett has a definite opinion.

“There’s a fine line of what’s too far, and pajamas to school is too far,” said Scandrett.

Deckard Finley ‘17 disagrees.

“The lowest form of it is probably wearing something because it’s in, not because you like it,” said Finley. “If you find it comfortable and you’re confident enough in what you’re wearing, then comfort clothes are great.”

Comfort aside, Pajunen had some strong opinions about what styles needs to change at City High.

“All I see guys wearing are athletic clothes or just cargo shorts with a button up,” said Pajunen. “Mix it up. Get some colored slacks, guys.”

Scandrett shares Pajunen’s opinion.

“If guys think that girls are basic, please. That’s all they wear. Who’s really basic?” she said.

But Finley’s opinion, City High does have style.

“Yeah, I mean if you’re wearing what you like and you’ve put a little thought into it, then I think you’re automatically well-dressed,” says Finley. “Personally, my inspiration is from the Kennedy family or somebody out of a Wes Anderson movie. Although brand isn’t a big deal, I usually shop at places like Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, and Ralph Lauren.”

Ultimately, Finley agrees that while there are some limits, fashion is in the eye of the wearer.

“I don’t care about my fashion sense so much as my presentability,” said Finley. “I think you should just put some effort into your appearance, fashion sense isn’t really the important thing.”