Nerd Nook: Dead Rising 4

Infographic by Piers O’Harrow.

When you’re kicking zombies and taking names, you aren’t going to care what time it is. Yes, I am talking about a game of pure zombie mayhem. On a scale of 1 to 100, the fun factor is 150.

Frank West is the name and reporting zombie outbreaks is the game. Previously, the zombie outbreaks have been contained in a mall throughout Dead Rising 1, 2, and 3, but in this game, they have stepped up the game and expanded the world to an entire town. Dead Rising 4 is all about crafting combo weapons and having fun. The script is very relaxed and there are all sorts of little innuendos and jokes.

From a ranged combo weapon that shoots magnetic balls which, when multiple are shot, make a laser web, to a melee combo weapon that is a sledgehammer with grenades attached to the end of it, which gives off an “explosive” start to the game, you will be laughing the whole way through the storyline.
Another cool new feature in the game is the addition of exosuits. Sadly, you have a limited time to use the exosuits before they runs out of power, but that certainly still adds fun just in the fact that it adds the challenge of trying to time their use correctly.

Now, that is not to say that I didn’t run into any glitches — though I do understand that every new game has them. For everyone else’s sake, I hope they come out with patches that fix these glitches soon. One glitch I ran into was that I loaded in and my safe house no longer had the survivors I had previously rescued and the counter that reported my survivor count had also been reset to 0. Not that it really mattered, because there are so many different areas, I was able to create my own combo weapons from the blueprints I had accumulated and move onto the next area which had a new safe house for resupplying.

I really like that you can’t get more ammo for a gun, so you have to find a new gun. This adds variety to the ways the zombies die and also adds a survivalist aspect to the game. You can, however, buy new skills and upgrade your character with skill points, and whenever you pick up a new weapon, it will always start off with full ammo. Another interesting feature is that the zombies spawn off camera, and so even though the developers implemented features that try to prevent them from spawning right behind you, sometimes there are a few hiccups that will make a zombie or two spawn right behind you, although it certainly adds an adrenaline rush when you realize that there is a zombie right behind you trying to take a chunk out of your neck.

“Blambow” explosion image courtesy of Microsoft Studios.

The graphics aren’t the best, but with over 100,000 zombies in the game, which are constantly respawning, it is clear that they certainly gave as much beauty to the graphics as the Xbox and the game could handle without constantly crashing.

I am, however, unsatisfied with the gun sound quality. Every shot fired that was heard from a distance sounded a little off, although they did a great job on making voices sound distant.

They certainly added replay-ability as a feature for this game and had it in mind when creating the game because most likely, you won’t have leveled all the way to 100 by the time you finish the story and you are still able to play after you finish the single player story. Alongside that, they added a whole separate multiplayer campaign to play after you’re done with your single player campaign or whenever you feel like playing with your friends.

Although there is certainly room to improve, they did a good job and this is certainly my go-to game when it come to zombies or horror just due to the fact that is it so fun.