The James Theater Hosts The Black Opry


Lili Moessner

Julie Williams performing at The James Theatre, alongside The Black Opry

Laine Forbes, Reporter

The James Theater hosted The Black Opry on Thursday, September 22nd. The Black Opry is a group of four black musicians who play primarily country music. The musicians who played at The James Theater were Julie Williams, Tae Lewis, Tylar Bryant, and Christine Melody.

The four played all original songs. Christine Melody performed a song from her debut album, I Fell in Love with a Narcissist, Honest and Keep on Walking. Tylar Bryant played a song that’s coming out soon on his new EP called Outside the Box of Lines. 

“As a songwriter, you should say something brave in your songs,” Julie Williams said before she performed. 

Julie Williams sang about her experiences with men and how she has been through situations that scared her. 

One of the last songs that Tae Lewis performed was his song called  Good Lovin’. The song was featured in an episode of  Showtime’s Shameless. Lewis also performed his songs such as Wide Open and Green Light. 

The Black Opry has been touring throughout September and will continue the tour throughout October and November nationally.