Hawkeye Sports Updates: Hawkeyes Continue Winning Spree


Jack Rogers

If the Hawks continue playing with the spark they have, and get all of our players back and ready to go, the Hawks could make a hard push at going back to back in the Big Ten tournament and potentially get a high seed in the NCAA tournament.

In four of the seven big ten games that Iowa has played they have had their backs against the wall late. In those four games the Hawks came back, and in every one of those games it has come down to the last possesion. 

In the game against Wisconsin, Iowa went on an 8-0 run late in the game to tie it at 60-60. Against Penn State, the Hawks were down nine with just three minutes to go and rallied back to a two point game in the last minute. Although in those two games the hawks didn’t find the outcome that they wanted it seemed to spark a fire for the coming Big Ten games. Against Indiana, the hawks were down by more than 20 and came all the way back to send the game to overtime and end up winning. In their second most recent game against Michigan, the Hawks were down four with under 20 seconds to go and sophomore Payton Sandfort hit a three pointer with a foul to tie the game, and Iowa dominated overtime and won by nine points.

The hawks dominated once again at home on Sunday beating Maryland by 14, 81-67. Tony Perkins finally perked up scoring 22 points with multiple explosive plays to lead the hawks to victory. The hawks moved to sixth in the big ten being 4-3. Overall the hawks are 12-6. 

Upcoming, the Iowa vs Northwestern game was cancelled due to lack of players on Northwestern caused by COVID 19 and injuries.