What Song from “Sour” are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

What Song from Sour are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Paris Fuller, News Editor

Aries- Babe, with all that built-up anger and switching sides when it comes to how you feel about relationships you’re “good 4 u.” Don’t try to deny it, you scream this in your car after a minor inconvenience.


Virgo- Awww honey, you’re “enough for you” because you will literally remember anything your partner said and learn new things just to make them happy… I don’t know if this is a red flag.


Leo- You are secretly more insecure than everybody because caring so much about yourself means you care about how other people view you. You’re “jealousy, jealousy.”


Sagittarius- You are unforgettable, period. You have a fiery nature but also calmness not seen in other fire signs, you are “deja vu,” even if you can’t commit.


Libra- You are so blunt and I have a feeling you keep all that anger in until the explosion which is exactly how I think “brutal” sounds. I think you’ll resonate.


Capricorn- You are “favorite crime.” You have vengeful energy about you but at the same time, you’re sensitive in private. But don’t worry as soon as your next paycheck comes in, you’ll be over it.


Aquarius- “traitor.” Once you’ve made up your mind that’s it. You call people out and that’s a scary quality. 


Cancer- You probably think I’m gonna say “driver’s license” don’t you? No, that’s too obvious. You are so sweet and even when somebody does you dirty, you still find a way to be concerned. You are “hope ur ok.”


Taurus- Don’t let them tear you down Taurus, you have that strong energy but deep down your focus on that one mean thing they said. Let it go! That’s why you’re “1 step forward, 3 steps back.”


Scorpio- You already know you’re gonna be looking at his new girl’s Instagram as soon as you figure out who she is. And even though you might not get the revenge you definitely don’t want him to be “happier.” See what I did there?


Gemini- Your erratic nature and mental disorganization? “I love people I don’t like” God, it’s “brutal” out here. 


Pisces- Lol you’re “driver’s license.” Do you really think after a breakup you’re not gonna be driving around crying to a song like a crazy person? Yeah, that’s what I thought. The mascara down your face and everything.