Unique New Years Resolution Ideas For a Unique Year

Rachel Marsh, Photo Editor

Every year the same stereotypical new years resolution ideas come out: start working out, start meditating, read more, but does anyone actually listen to them? If they do, they may last a week, right? Here is our list of 10 unique, oddly specific new year’s resolutions or things to do, because 2020 has been a unique year. 

  1. Paint your nails a new color every week – boys and girls can use a little color in their lives
  2. Learn ASL – never hurts to be able to communicate with more people
  3. Start regularly burning a candle or using a diffuser – bring out your inner zen
  4. Paint your favorite cup with dishwasher safe paint – extra joy when you use it
  5. Dye your hair – since everything is online, you have complete control if you don’t want someone to see it and you only live once
  6. Buy a succulent – easy to take care of and cute to keep
  7. Put a trash can in your car and use it – keeps control of clutter
  8. Go through your emails and keep them under control – not seeing 1,098 in a little red bubble will guarantee lower stress levels
  9. Change the way your clothes are organized – a new adventure when you forget where your favorite shirt is
  10. Use slippers – keeps your feet warm and increases your fancy level by 100