Nerd Nook: Battlefield 1

Nerd Nook: Battlefield 1

Price: $59.99

ESRB Rating: M

Pegi Rating: 18

Genre: Shooter

Multiplayer: Online

Co-op: Non

Single Player: Available

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Publisher: Electronics Arts

Developer: EA DICE

Release date: October 21, 2016


Rating: 9.9/10



  • Brand new immersive campaign
  • New game modes
  • New unthought of game theme
  • Custom games
  • Weekly medals/challenges
  • Different variations of vehicles


Specifications and Requirements:

  • 1080p Graphics
  • 60fps
  • Frostbite Engine


Pros and Cons:

+ Emphasizes teamwork

+ Fixed the squads and xbox invite system

+ New game mechanics

+ Very few glitches and hiccups relative to the size of the game

+ Extremely immersive

+ Realistic physics

+/- Limited but realistic gun modifications

– Sporadic class leveling

– Tedious and complicated to change sensitivity

– No dismemberments


Battlefield 1 is a risky venture to change the tide of the epoch wars

Strangely enough, although not too surprising, it was a highly anticipated game. If you’re wondering, the anticipation was from: the legacy battlefield 4 continued, the World War I history nuts, and also just the people who have gotten tired of the never ending, dry, futuristic theme Call of Duty has been dishing out. (I was honestly every single one of those.)

giphy-3I should probably touch up on what I mean by “sporadic class leveling.” One minute you’re level zero and having
trouble adjusting to battlefield 1, next thing you know, you’re level one, then two, then all the sudden you’re level six.

The only reason I Gove this game a 9.9/10 rating is because I was thoroughly disappointed that there was no dismemberment mechanic in the game. I understand people who rate a game and involve the glitches into the rating which brings it down and I thoroughly respect their opinion, but at the same time, I understand this is a huge game and that there will be glitches and bugs and I feel there is no need to bring the rating down because of that. I understand that hopefully these glitches and bugs will be patched. Especially in the Battlefield franchise, the developer’s studio is extremely good at bringing out patches. For example, October 22, 2016 the medal challenges changed for the first weekly refresh but they wouldn’t display properly, then, on October 23, 2016, only approx. 8 hours later, they put out a patch for the medals. and several other things.

This game is by far the most realistic war game if not the most realistic game out there right now. You really feel, “In the business,” if you catch my drift. You’ve got mortars and massive bombs from bombers dropping and creating massive craters in the ground and buildings crumbling beneath your feet.giphy-4

This game is also extremely immersive, whether it’s by promoting teamwork, making you watch back if you’re a sniper for instance (Me), or by making you scream like a girl when you round the corner and find an enemy behind friendly lines with a shotgun (Also me).

This game would honestly be perfect for VR goggles, or maybe even too cool.

See you in Europe, Private, because, “Tonight, we dine in hell.” -King Leonidas