15 ’til The Class of ’15

Drew Orr, Reporter


That is the number of days left for the City High Class of ‘15 seniors.  After four long years of success in academics, athletics, music, and much more,  The class of 2015 looks to finish their final days of school on a high note.

For some students, it feels as if it were only yesterday when they walked into the school that leads for the first time.  A walk where they wondered who they would become.  What would they become.  What they would do.

“It went by so quickly,” Kennedy Mwangi ‘15 said. “When I first started at City High, I was accosted by the wide varieties of clubs and sports. I was able to expeditiously veer into the course of my years here at City High and wouldn’t trade anything for it.”

Walking across the stage at Carver Hawkeye Arena is a long awaited dream of every senior at City High School.  From listening to the band to seeing City High Alumni of the march around the stage, graduation day is great day for everyone.

For students who are able to graduate that is.

It’s important to keep in mind that in order to graduate, all unpaid fines and unserved detentions have to be taken care of. Nobody wants to be left behind from the rest of their class during graduation.

Whether it’s to a different state or only across town, the graduation and departure of this years senior class will be hard for students of all grades.  With friends leaving for a higher level of learning or to pursue new goals that lie ahead of them, the rest of the school will move forward and carry on the tradition of excellence at City High.

“It will be very different,” said Duncan Forbes ‘16. “Seeing as next year I will be a senior, I hope I, and the rest of my class, will be able to do just as well and potentially better than this year’s class.”

With the countdown to graduation ticking closer to zero, the seniors get ready for the future, nervous and excited.

“Its kind of nerve wracking,” Mwangi said. “Knowing my senior class and I will be separated, I am still able to  find comfort knowing that they will move on to become the great people they are destined to be.”