Senator Kamala Harris Visits Coralville to Spread her “3 a.m. Agenda”

Shoshie Hemley, Opinion Editor

The room was completely packed today at Backpocket Brewing at Iowa River Landing in Coralville. A line started forming at around 2:45 for a meet and greet with the democratic presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris.

Harris spoke of many issues, mentioning how she likes to focus on what she calls her “3 AM Agenda”. She is referring to issues she believes keep every day Americans up at night, such as health care and equal pay. She also mentioned how she plans on “moving to Iowa”, mentioning how she was packing her snow boots.

The event is just one of many political events currently happening in Iowa as the democratic party prepares for the Iowa Caucus on February 3. On Saturday, September 21, the Polk County Steak Fry will be taking place near Des Moines.