Andy Cress

Andy Cress ’10
Staff Assignment: Staff Reporter, Web Slave

Places I have Lived and Traveled: Born and raised in Iowa City. I’ve never left the country, but have been all over the United States (save most places west of here).

Favorite Quote: “If you dig it, do it. If you really dig it, do it twice.” – Jim Croce

What’s on my iPod: According to Last.FM, my top eight most listened artist are Jim Croce, Weezer, Guster, Brendan Benson, Punchline, Phoenix, The Beatles, Motion City Soundtrack.

A senior, the new addition to The Little Hawk is no stranger with journalism, having been previously published in the Press-Citizen and Daily Iowan. An avid blogger and music lover, he can be found wherever, whenever, and when you least expect it.