Bowlers Fall to Western Dubuque

City High's Bowling teams both lost to western Dubuque on Thursday, December 12.

Shaylin Brown '22 bowls during City's loss to Western Dubuque on Thursday.

Sophia Lusala, Reporter

On Thursday, December 12, the City High girls and boys bowling teams hoped for a win. At the end of the third match, though, Seth Hiatt ‘21 helplessly watched from lane one as City High fell to Western Dubuque. The meet result was a loss for both JV and Varsity girls and boys, ending 2640 – 2272 for boys varsity and 2467 – 2225 for girls varsity.

“Our morale has increased by a lot since last year, because we have the pride of beating West for the fourth time in a row. We pride ourselves with positivity as a bowling team; we don’t let ourselves get down,” Hiatt said.

Shaylin Brown ‘22 explained that early wins in their season are important to themselves and City High bowling in general.

“Winning this meet would mean a lot; early on in the season we need those wins. Getting a win would give us a better standing and show other teams that we are getting better every year,” Brown said. “People will start to notice City High.”

The girls and boys City High bowling teams won the Kingpin and Queenpin against West High. City High Bowling teams take on Cedar Rapids Prairie Friday, December 20, and have an upcoming tournament the following day, going up against Marion and Xavier high schools.

“Varsity has done an impeccable job. All we need to do is practice and put more heart into it,” Hiatt said.