I Switched From Spotify To Apple Music So You Don’t Have To

Kyden Hotka, Reporter

I moved from Spotify to Apple Music so you don’t have to. On my old Spotify account, I originally had over 2,000 liked songs and about 6 years worth of music curated specifically to my tastes. The reason for my switch to Apple Music is because Spotify was repeatedly crashing and having playback issues. Whether my issue with Spotify was specific to me or has happened amongst other users is not known to me. But my personal experience is what led me to the switch and hopefully will give others insight into which service may be preferable to them, despite all the hard work they have put into their music library. 

The switch seemed to only make sense for me, but old habits die hard when it comes to my music taste and I wanted to have every nook and cranny of my library to be where I wanted it to when I got to Apple Music. The first thing I did when I switched was transfer all my music from Spotify to Apple Music. When doing this, switching between platforms and adding each song individually would be too painful of a process to bear, but luckily TuneMyMusic.com alleviates this process by linking your streaming accounts and transferring your music from one library to the other. I would highly recommend this tool for moving your music, although it’s not a perfect process.

When it comes to Apple Music’s performance in comparison to Spotify, there is an undeniable compatibility difference when using it on my iPhone. Apple Music is faster, Siri integrated, and in my personal opinion provides better sound quality (even when my Spotify audio quality settings were at maximum). 

Another important aspect between the music services is the ease of making and listening to a custom playlist. Spotify easily has the advantage on Apple Music in this aspect. Spotify’s layout is designed around making and listening to curated playlists overtime, while Apple Music’s design focuses on what you are listening to currently. There are far less steps to adding a song on a Spotify playlist than on Apple music, and navigating to playlists is much easier on Spotify.

My final assessment of the streaming services is their visual quality. On Apple Music the graphics for artists pages, albums, and songs are all much larger than what they are on Spotify. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music has also integrated music videos smoothly into their interface, allowing me to watch the visuals the artist intended to accommodate their music. Some music videos may also be live performances that provide a fresh listening experience to even my most listened to songs. 

Apple Music feels as if there’s a better preservation of the qualities of listening to music, that isn’t just listening to music. Though the experience of listening to my curated music on Spotify was with more ease, the overall quality of using Apple Music feels more clean and artful.