Big Thief at The Pageant LH Music Reviews

Indie Rock band led by Adrianne Lenker takes COVID precautions on tour

Araminta Siegling, Culture Editor

Indie Rock staple, Big Thief, played at The Pageant in St. Louis, Missouri on September 11. The opener for the show, Mind Maitenance, is an experimental group with connections to Chicago. Their use of unique instruments set them apart from other opening acts, but was not engaging.  The way Big Thief interacts with the audience is unique compared to other shows I have been to, and creates a sense of intamacy in a crowd of 900 fans.

Big Thief played some of their hits, including “Masterpiece” from their 2016 album of the same name, as well as several unreleased songs that sounded closer to Lenker’s solo work. Adrianne Lenker’s voice is unique, with a hint of southern drawl but puncuated with a fragility that pierces through the songs. Other band members, Buck Meek and Max Oleartchik are fan favorites, with Buck Meek having other solo projects, including a side project called “Indiana” with Lenker. The underdog drummer of the show, James Krivchenia, had a simple but effective beat with a shockingly loud kick-drum sound that was unexpected.

The chemistry between the members, along with Adrianne Lenker’s way to connect to an emotional crowd, created a personal experience in a time of vaccine-passports and general uncertainty.