It’s Only the Beginning for the Women’s Wrestling Team


Tommy Simmons

Sierra Pruessner ‘24 poses for a photo.

Tommy Simmons, Reporter

This year marks the first season of City high girls wrestling, and the team has already competed in one meet which took place at Prairie Point High School. The girls wrestled against 9 other teams and City was able to take first for three different weight divisions. Nina Kuhlmann ‘25, Claire Brown ‘23, and Audrey Sexton ‘24. A total of thirteen other City High girls wrestlers placed silver and bronze. 

“I was so excited when I found out that City was introducing a women’s wrestling team. I used to wrestle with the boys during the summer but am glad there is a women’s team.  Said Natalia Flack ’25, a student at City that has been involved in wrestling since 8th grade. “I am so proud of my teammates coming out for wrestling,”

Women’s wrestling is underway with the guidance of coaches Ryan Ahlers and Jeff Koenig. This is City High School’s first women’s wrestling team that has been started with the help of Phil Hansen, Jeff Koenig, as well as Cory Connel.

“The interest for girls wrestling in the community and state has been increasing over the past few years. We know we had some girls interested and needed to find a way to get them involved in the sport,” Phillip Hansen, the athletic director said.

The coaches hope to grow the program and encourage girls to get involved. Currently, practices are open to all ages and they have had some girls from Southeast Junior High join them at practice. Practice is held in the new wrestling room at 6 pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. 

“For girls to grow up knowing that wrestling is a winter sport option for them in high school is really exciting and we hope to build a program that can compete with the best and win championships,” Ryan Ahlers said.

The first wrestling competition for the women was Monday, December 6th at CR Prairie. The first home match is on December 13th for junior varsity. There will also be a Dual at West High School on December 22nd.

Each day the girls come to practice with a smile on their faces, work hard the entire time and leave with that same smile which makes the job of coaching them very special,” Coach Jeff Koenig said.