City Prepares for Soccer Battle Against the Bolts


Anna Gayley

The City High men’s soccer team before a regular season match against Prairie.

The City High men’s soccer team prepares for a big game against rival school Iowa City Liberty. After a loss in 2021, the team is ready to make a comeback and show Liberty and all upcoming opponents what they are worth and what they have been working towards going into sub-state and hopefully state in the coming weeks. The Little Hawks hold a current record of 9-5 going up against Liberty with an impressive record of 13-2.

“We’re hungry. The game against Liberty has definitely been a game to watch this season, we’re all hyped. It’s gonna be a tough game, but we know most of the guys and we are really ready for revenge,” Emmitt Hansen ‘23 said.

In the games preluding to the match against Liberty the City High team has been preparing and working hard nonstop to be in the right state physically and mentally to beat their opponents.

“Our intensity is starting to pick up every game no matter what the game is. I think we’re getting ready better with more focus and just an overall mentality, especially this week,” Hansen said.

Many starters of the 2022 season are upperclassmen, specifically seniors, which poses an exciting and anticipated challenge for the teams underclassmen hoping to join next year’s starting lineup.

“Actually, Jonah off the bench and as a freshman, he held the ball really well. He provided a simple but effective game plan and didn’t lose the ball much.” Hansen said.

The team has shown a lot of improvement compared to the beginning of the season, individually as well as team-wise and that has especially shown through the past few games. On Friday, May 13th the Little Hawks faced Cedar Rapids Washington winning 3-1.

“I think we moved the ball well in the second half, some subs in the midfield help us find new spots and get new things going. Depth on the bench is going to be very important going forward.”

On Tuesday, May 17th the Little Hawks take on Iowa City Liberty at 5:45 on the City High Turf. Before the game senior recognition will take place, the Little Hawks are hoping for a strong student section to carry the team to a win and celebrate the seniors of the 2022 season.