Never Have I Ever Continues to Impress Me with its Diversity and Down-To-Earth Storyline

Greta Hayek, Editor

Never Have I Ever is a Netflix original show that follows the life of Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian-American girl grappling with high school and her personal life. The third season of the show came out in August of 2022 and was even better than the previous two seasons.

One of the reasons that Never Have I Ever is so different from other high school drama shows is that it portrays the “real life” of a teenage girl with the story being soraw and genuine and not romanticizing the main character’s life.

I really enjoyed the fact that whenever Devi would get angry at a little thing, she reacted like a normal human being. The show is written so realistically and down-to-earth that it was really comforting to connect with.

Although I get a lot of secondhand embarrassment watching certain parts of the show, it was always redeemed with heartfelt moments between Devi and her friends and parents. The story also goes super in depth in terms to  Devi’s friends and their personal problems, which is really interesting to watch because of how everybody’s situation is so unique and different from each other’s.

Never Have I Ever is such an amazing show with beautiful representation within the cast and characters and the perfect balance of grief and happiness in the life of Devi Vishwakumar and the people who orbit around her.