THE CHESS SPACE: Master Nikolaz Petriashvili vs. Quapadraze Game Analysis


Johannes Boevers

Johannes Boevers, Reporter

In this week’s post, I analyze a game between Georgian International Master Nikolaz Petriashvili and Georgian Grandmaster Giga Qupadraze that was played in the 2023 Georgian National Championship. Qupadraze ultimately triumphed, winning with black out of the Sicilian Defense, Timonov variation. Early on in the game, white-handed over the initiative, and black took over the game. He kept putting pressure on Petriashvili and finally cracked, blundering 26.c4?? The conversion wasn’t instant but eventually, black capitalized on white’s pawn weaknesses and was able to convert the win. 

I hope you enjoyed this game analysis and learned something new about chess today.