Cale Seaton: Defying All Odds


Amber Seaton

Junior, Cale Seaton winning his first state championship after sustaining a potential season ending injury.

Thomas Ksobiech, Copy Editor

A dislocated knee, a torn MCL, a partially torn ACL, a torn meniscus, and a ruptured patella; not many people are able to walk after an injury of that extent, let alone wrestle. Cale Seaton was not only able to wrestle, he was able to win a state championship.

About a month before the state wrestling tournament, Cale was wrestling at one of City High’s home meets when he suffered his knee injury, tearing his Meniscus and MCL, partially tearing his ACL, rupturing his patella, and dislocating his knee. He had to be taken off the mat in a stretcher. Unable to walk, Cale’s wrestling season seemed like it was over.

Seaton was not ready for his season to be over. He worked with his physical therapist everyday ensuring his best possible results. He took the recovery process slowly: day by day, rep by rep. He was slowly able to get back on the mat being able to wrestle.

Cale commented that “it was definitely harder wrestling with my injury. I had to be more focused and more in control to keep from putting my knee in any sort of bad position.”

Cale was gradually able to regain some mobility and movement in his leg. While he was not able to be one hundred percent, he was able to get his body into good enough shape he felt like he could compete for a state championship.

Cale was able to qualify for state, keeping his championship dreams alive. He was one of nine City High wrestlers who was able to qualify. He would be one of three City High wrestlers who would be able to win state, along with Iowa commits, Ben Kueter and Gabe Arnold.

Cale would go on to win his first couple matches advancing himself to the state championship match. It seemed that after every match Cale would be asked about his injury and how he was doing. He would decline to talk about his injury until after the championship match where he opened up about the true extent of the injury.

The championship match was extremely close with Cale being able to edge out the third ranked wrestler from Ames, Jabari Hinson in a 4-3 decision. This was Cale’s first state championship. Cale will have to undergo much recovery, but plans to return to the mat for a chance at his second state championship.

When talking about what it meant to him Seaton explained that he “was super excited and just amazed because one of [his] dream goals was to win a state championship. To finally win with all the obstacles, was just pure happiness and gratefulness to be able to accomplish I did.”

Seaton commented about how the road to recovery was going to be a long and tough one, but that he was ready for the challenges ahead of him. He said that he is prepared and ready to try and make a comeback with hopes of becoming a back to back state champion next year.