Student arrested for bringing gun to school

By Michael Hunter

On Monday, April 20th a sophomore student was charged with Carrying Weapons on school Grounds, a class D felony.

Assistant Principal Terry Coleman received a tip from a student that Tyler D. Wright ’12 displayed an unloaded revolver at school on the 17th. Wright was sent to interview with Coleman Monday Morning where he left his interview and fled school campus. The police intercepted Wright by 1st Avenue Hy-Vee. Wright had the unloaded revolver on him when he was arrested.

“Over all me and Tyler had a good relationship” said Coleman. “I was very shocked when I found out he was carrying the unloaded weapon.”

This is the first incident of a student carrying a weapon on City High grounds.

“I feel safe at City High.” said John DeMars ’10. “However the knowledge that a student can bring a gun into the school undetected is making me question my safety” DeMars said.

Art by Izaak Thompson.