The Red Zone Works Toward Spirit and Safety


Caroline Brown

City High Red Zone makes some noise at the first game of the year.

Screaming, clapping, and decked out in red and white, City High students rush into the student section ready to cheer on their players.

“It makes a big difference when our football players can look up in the stands and see a great crowd supporting them.” Principal John Bacon said.

Regarding this year’s Red Zone student section, Bacon is hoping to have a bigger, and louder crowd than ever come out to football games this year. School spirit is of great importance to Bacon, but he wants it done the right way.

“One of my expectations is that we strongly support our team, and not mock or degrade the other team,” he said.

Students and parents are expected to be respectful towards the other team at all football games this year. This past year, City High won the Mississippi Valley Conference award for sportsmanship, an achievement Bacon is proud of.

“After each game they have a system that rates players, coaches, and fans,” Bacon explained.

Doug Lestina, City High’s Dean of Students, is also concerned about everyone’s safety.

“Our biggest concern in administration is that someone drinks at the game, drives, and hurts themselves or someone else,” Lestina explained.

Drinking has never been a very large problem at football games in the past, and administration would like to keep it that way. If caught drunk, students will receive a 3 day out of school suspension, a 2 day suspension in the SAC, and lose the ability to be involved in a school related activity.

“You cannot have alcohol at Kinnick Stadium, you cannot have it at Bates Field. It’s absolutely critical,” Bacon said.

Administration and staff are always trying to keep fans at the games safe and sober.

“We’ll do everything we can. There will be two people down (by the student section) to spot check that people aren’t drinking,” Lestina said. “We’ve always had a police officer at the gate to make sure people don’t come in drunk.”