Haunting Reviews in the Iowa City Area


Madeline Pugh, Reporter

Scream Acres — Atkins, IA

Scream Acres is located at Bloomsbury Farm in a small farm town outside of Cedar Rapids. During the day, Bloomsbury farm serves as a fun, family friendly day trip with a corn maze, pig races, and gift shop. From October 1st-29th on Friday and Saturday nights, Bloomsbury Farm transforms into Scream Acres. With four different attractions in one, this is definitely my favorite. I suggest buying line passes, because on a busy night you can spend up to 4+ hours standing in lines. Although, they do usually have fun music playing and plenty of things to eat and drink while waiting, but being able to skip the wait and enjoy the attractions on your own time is definitely a plus.

Field of Screams — Iowa City, IA

Located on Black Diamond road, Field of Screams is always a good choice if you are looking for a fun, easy scare. What looks to be a random cornfield, Field of Screams holds many surprises. Park your car, buy your ticket, stand in a 20-30 minute line, and before you know it, you are venturing off into a dark cornfield, holding onto your friends for dear life. Field of Screams is a simpler, more friendly choice with an easier drive. I suggest this if you get scared easily, but want to get more into the Halloween spirit.

Black Angel — Iowa City, IA

Even in broad daylight, this statue located in Oakland Cemetery can send a chill down your spine. Stop by at night with a Ouija board to really test your limits, or simply follow the tradition and kiss it. Being someone with stories to tell about my own experiences here, I can guarantee that if you want to get scared, this creepy attraction will not disappoint.

Colony Pumpkin Patch — North Liberty, IA

Found on Front Street SE in North Liberty, Colony Pumpkin patch is a family friendly option for less frightening fun. With a complete acre corn maze, pumpkin patch, and fall gift shop, this is a perfect option for a nice family trip to buy your pumpkin and get your candy corn fix.