Student Fans Excited About Cubs’ World Series Championship Prospects

With the Chicago Cubs in the World Series for the first time since 1945, baseball fans at City High talk about their experiences and expectations.


Anna Denniston ’18 shows off her Chicago Cubs jacket.

Mina Takahashi, Reporter

It has been 71 years since the Chicago Cubs last appeared in the World Series, and 108 years since they have won. The Cubs recently defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in game six of the National League matchup to secure their spot. Even after winning on Sunday night at Wrigley Field in Chicago by the score of 3-2, the Cubs are still down three games to two against the Cleveland Indians in the World Series.

Anna Denniston ‘18 has only been a baseball fan for two years, but has since fallen in love with the game and the vibe of the team. Her entire family cheers on the Cubs, so she is especially excited about their success this season.

“I am the over the moon ecstatic. We’re kind of known for being such a bad team so it’s a big deal. When they won that last game before the World Series, my dad and I jumped up and we were just screaming and hugging. It’s awesome to be a part of history being made.” Denniston said.

Although Mary Liebig ‘18 is a huge baseball fan, the Cubs aren’t necessarily her top choice. She says she is more of a Yankees fan, but is still excited about the Cubs recent success.

“I’m excited about this World Series because it’s actually an interesting series this year. It’s exciting because the Indians haven’t been there for a while either.” Liebig said.

Liebig believes Chicago Cubs manager Joe Madden’s coaching is why the Cubs are experiencing so much success this season.

“He’s got a lot of young, successful people he just pulled up from the minors. He’s able to get a lot of really good players for not a lot of money, choosing them based on who will get the most runs. They don’t win like 2-1, they win like 5-1. It’s not just one player who come up to bat the entire game.”

Both Denniston and Liebig believe that despite the setback, the Cubs still have the ability to win the World Series.

“It could go either way, which is cool because I feel like a lot of the time it’s clear who’s going to win,” Liebig said. “The Cubs also have the whole thing about breaking the curse. They have so much more going for their morality, and that’s such a big part of their team. I just think that the Cubs have more going for them.”