Season Expectations: Boy’s Varsity Bowling


Dylan Ryfe, Reporter

Finishing 4-7 last season, the Boys Varsity Bowling Team is looking to make it to the state championship.

“I think we can absolutely win the state championship,” Coach Mike Degner said. “These kids have been bowling for numerous years, we just have to apply the things we are learning [At Colonial Lanes] and transition it to the state level.”

Coming off a strong 2016-2017 season by winning 4 meets and breaking numerous school records, the team is focusing on continuing their previous successes, resulting in a much more focused attitude.

“It’s still early in the season though,” Degner said. “And we still have to prioritize getting better, our confidence is high, but we can’t let it get to our heads.”

The Varsity squad features three returning senior starters: Cameron Chavez ‘18, Andrew Franz ‘18, and Winston Lui ‘18. The three had a combined 551.1 points per game, and sported high games above 230 points each. Another new addition to the team is Dylan Irvin ‘21, who in the past two meets has averaged 207 points along with a high game of 215 points.

The remaining spots on the varsity team have yet to be filled, and with a JV team abundant with players, many are looking to distinguish themselves.

“The fact that there are two open spots on the varsity team makes it a lot more competitive,” Daekaree Maclean ‘19 said. “It makes it more fair in my opinion, everyone gets an equal chance of getting on the varsity squad.”

According to Coach Degner, another large focal point of the team this year is their image. Degner has tried to get the word out about the bowling team by sending flyers home with students and reaching out to 8th graders at Southeast Junior High.

“I try to make a point to be around [City High] more,” Degner said. “Just make kids aware that there is a bowling team at City, and we are competitive, we are at the varsity level. We are constantly trying to make our image better every season, we want everyone who wants to try out to be a part of the team.”

The Little Hawks started off their season with two wins against Cedar Rapids Jefferson 2530-2483, and Linn-Mar 2782-2522. The team has a chance to continue their winning streak against Cedar Rapids Xavier tonight at May City Lanes.

“Being realistic, I think we have the possibility to have an 8-4 or 9-3 season,” Coach Degner said. “It’s all about the practice, if we can perfect our skills, we’ll make it to state.”