Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Smith


Stacie Smith

Stacie Smith smiling as she takes a selfie in front of her fireplace.

Caroline House, Reporter

Freshman year is extremely stressful, from meeting new people to trying not to get trampled in the halls, but Ms. Smith makes it all the easier. 

If a student is lucky enough to have Ms. Smith as an Earth and Space science teacher, they surely won’t be disappointed. Every class is different, but most classes start with the same question “Is it cold or hot in here?” 

Ms. Smith is a person you can go to for anything and is happy to share a funny anecdote if you are feeling blue. Like the time she freed a bee from a spider web. In her class, you will learn many things besides Earth and Space science. You’ll learn that the drinking fountains by the lunchroom are the best and those are the only ones you should drink out of, or what her favorite places are to visit in Mexico. 

Ms. Smith also has a knack for making everyone feel welcome in her class. She welcomes everyone with a hug and a smile. She treats her students as if they’re her own kids, no matter the circumstances. She always tries to understand what you’re going through if you’re having a rough day and will do everything she can do to make it better. If you ever need a hug, Ms. Smith is the one to talk to. 

Ms. Smith, thank you.