New iPhone, Groundbreaking Cameras

Araminta Siegling, Reporter

On October 13, Apple unveiled the new iPhones for this year. Normally, the event would happen in September, but it was delayed because of COVID-19. In the new lineup of Apple products, there is the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and the 12 Mini, all with 5G and a variety of new colors. My favorite color is the light green color available on the 12 and 12 Mini. Other items released in the Apple Event included the Homepod Mini, similar to an Amazon Echo or a Google Nest. Last month they released the 8th generation iPad and a new iPad Air which is an alternative to the smaller iPad Pro. During the event, Apple also announced its plan to be carbon neutral by 2030. Steps to this include recycling materials for phones and sourcing materials in more sustainable ways. Apple will also no longer include chargers with purchases of the new iPhones. This decision upset some consumers, but I think it will be a good example for other companies. Most people already have a phone charger, and getting one with your new phone is just a waste of plastic. 

The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini have two cameras, while all other models released during the Apple Event have three. The improved cameras now have a LiDAR scanner (Light Detection and Ranging) and perform better in low lighting by 87%. In the event, they showed beautiful photos taken on the new phones which were of professional quality. 

Updates on the screens include a smaller bezel, two million to one contrast ratio, better HDR (high dynamic range), true black, and screens are now more durable with “Ceramic Shield” technology. The company said that the phones are more resistant to being dropped by a factor of four. The glass-ceramic used for the screen is one of the first to be completely colorless and clear. The small bezels and the removal of the curved sides gives the new phones a much sleeker design.

Some of the features exclusive to the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are being able to record videos in HDR. This is the first time this will be available on a phone, and this will affect all iPhones in the future. High quality video has never been this accessible. Editing videos will be even easier, users will now have the ability to edit videos directly in the Photos app, using Dolby Vision HDR, a professional format for high definition video. This provides better colors and contrast, and has been mainly for professional use up until now. The 12 Pro and Pro Max will be 20% faster than last year’s iPhone 11. There will also be a new feature available for the Pro and Pro Max in late 2020, called “Apple ProRaw,” which gives new photo editing capabilities. The new advancements in editing will make it much easier and less time consuming, which is always good.

Apple also released a new feature to accessories, called MagSafe. This now allows things to be magnetically attached to the back of the phone, which I think will be very handy.  Items released include four types of cases, silicone, clear, and two different OtterBox collaborations, with lots of colors to choose from. There is a new MagSafe wireless charger and a leather wallet that attaches to phones with magnets, which can hold a credit card or a driver’s license. 

The iPhone 12 will probably be the most popular out of the lineup, with it being in the middle of the price range at $799. It has a good amount of new features, and the average consumer will be fine without having the benefits of the Pro and Pro Max phones. The “budget” phone for this year is the 12 Mini, with it having a much smaller screen size and selling from $699. The fancier phones are the iPhone 12 Pro, and 12 Max. Both phones have three cameras and much larger screens, along with faster speeds and better video quality. If you are passionate about photography or videography, these two phones are for you. The iPhone 12 Pro is priced at  $999, and the Pro Max starts at $1099. My personal favorite is the iPhone 12, I like how it has a good balance of new features while still being more affordable. The 6.1-inch screen is a perfect size and isn’t too big. The Apple Event, showcasing the phones, can be found on youtube or directly from Apple’s website.