City High Volleyball Falls to West High, Ending Their Season

Maya Morales, Reporter

Despite winning the first set and gaining a lead at the beginning of sets two, three, and four, the City High Varsity volleyball team lost their game last Tuesday. West High managed to come back to win both the second and third sets before finally winning the fourth set 25-22. The City High girls walked off the court, their season over.

“It’s sad. I feel like we have had so many ups and downs,” Makayla Ribble ‘22 said. “But we really gave it our all.”

At the game, a student section was allowed for the first time this season.

“It was a completely different experience than the rest of the season,” Joslyn Becker ‘21 said. “It was really fun to have people there cheering us on [instead of] just watching from home.”

The girls used the crowd’s energy to maintain their own energy on the court.

“It was really exciting to have a crowd back. [That] really helped us keep our energy up,” Ribble said.

Although the volleyball season has come to an end, the girls will always have great memories to look back on.

“I think one of my favorite memories from this year is just being in the locker room before games and getting hype,” Becker said. “[Also] when we played Cedar Falls the energy during the game just made it so much fun even though we didn’t win.” 

The City High volleyball team is losing five seniors. The rest of the players understand that they will have to adjust accordingly and work hard for wins next year.

Ribble said, “Winning a lot more is [what] I want to do next year. Next year will be different for sure.”