Boys Track Team Enters Season High Hopes

Boys Track Team Enters Season High Hopes

Daniela Perret, Features Editor

Led by a group of talented upperclassmen, the City High boys’ track and field team is off to a strong start and is determined to improve throughout the season.

“There has been a lot of hard work,” Brook Price ’13 said. “There are a lot of positive attitudes, and I think we have a chance of placing pretty well at state.”

Coming back from a 19th place finish with 15 points at last years state track and field meet, the boys track team is focusing on achieving their goal of placing fifth or better at this year’s State meet.

“I think the team this year will be a lot better than last year’s,” Quinn McNutt ’12 said.

The team has been working well together, and each member has been working hard.

“Everyone is doing well,” Price said. “There are no negative attitudes. Everyone is cooperating and pushing each other to practice hard.”

The team has been combining their talent and positive attitudes to achieve their goal of placing in the top five at the state meet.

“Our strong points are leadership and effort,” Price said. “If we have those qualities everything else will fall into place.”

Unlike some sports, track and field can be both an individual sport and a team sport.

“Track is kind of a team sport and it is also kind of an individual sport because you’re trying to improve your time so then it all goes into team effort,” Price said. “There’s long distance and there’s throwing which are completely different, but they all have to work together to win a meet.”

With senior captains Quinn McNutt, Jasper Washington, D.J. Martin, Dwight Donahue, Kody Dailey, Austin Murphy, Mason Greer, and Dan Roemerman leading the team, the Little Hawks have high hopes for this year’s season.

Incoming freshmen and newcomers have also been improving the team.

“I like being a part of the team,” first-time participant Victor Erickson ’12 said. “We fly together, and we’ll win together.”

With a combination of positive attitudes and talent, the team is confident in making this spring a successful track season.

“We are competitive,” Price said. “We work hard, and we want to win.”