City High Hires new Lifting Coach


Mitch Moore coaching football

Jae Dancer, Sports Editor

The City High lifting program has been consistently growing and improving for many years, from getting new equipment to technological improvements. Now, Mitch Moore will be taking on the responsibility of overseeing the City High’s lifting program, in addition to his responsibilities as City High’s new varsity football coach. 

“It’s fun to see an athlete understand the value that a weight room provides for their body both physically and mentally,” Moore said.  

Moore graduated from the Master’s program at Wisconsin Whitewater in Kinesiology and has an extensive history in sports performance. He has coached athletes of all levels, including high school, youth, and professional athletes in the private sector. He has also been the head strength coach at both the high school and collegiate level.

“It’s good to see the growth and incredible gains an athlete gets when they put in training,” Moore said. 

Moore feels that strength and lifting is an important aspect of athlete performance overall. 

“It is absolutely essential to the development and durability of any athlete in any sport,” Moore said.  

However, Moore also feels that the level in which athletes perform has several different factors that go along with strength training. 

“Athletes and most people in general probably don’t understand that strength training is just a small portion of how you make yourself stronger,’’ Moore said. “Nutrition, rest, sleep, and hydration are equally as important.”

Moore agrees that overall athletes can gain many important lessons and mindsets from participating in strength and training programs.

“Athletes can gain mental toughness, body awareness, confidence, and value of consistency,” Moore said.