XC Gameday: Varsity Girls Running to Go to State


Tommy Simmons

Varisty 7 at the MVC Super Meet on October 7, 2021

Tommy Simmons, Reporter

In the regular-season showdown, the girl’s cross country team will race at Crow Creek Park in Bettendorf to go to state. The team will be going against #1 ranked Pleasent Valley as a #13 ranked team as well as 8 other teams. The top 3 finishing teams will qualify for state, while the first 15 individual runners will go to state. If they qualify for state, 4A and 3A divisions will race on Friday, October 29 at 10:30 am. (City High School is a 4A class)

Iris Wedemeyer ’23, Rowan Boulter ’22, Tatum Frazier ’22, Lucy Corbin ’22, Eva Reynolds ’23, Nina Kuhlmann ’25, Ani Wedemeyer ’22 will be racing at 4:00 pm.