Kicks’s With A Chick: Platform Converses

New Platform Converse are Perfect to Add to Your Shoe Catalogue


Rebecca Michaeli

Sophia Lusala: Lover of everything new in shoes and fashion.

Sophia Lusala, Reporter

1917 to 2022, for about one hundred years Converse has been a very versatile, first pick of the shoe. While nobody really seemed to get bored of classic one-colored chucks, or even continuously restocking their same favorite pair.

I think it’s appropriate to say that their most famous collab with All-Star basketball player Chuck Taylor back in the 1920s brought him more fame than his own basketball career, at least in the present day. Matching them with sweats, keeping it casual or up dressing them, and going for a more classy look, Converse is a very versatile essential shoe, for fashion and shoe lovers. Certainly a shoe you should own whether it’s a collab converse like Comme des Garcons, old school chucks in all different colors and patterns, or the new chunky platform versions.

Recently converse released huge platform converse in this new trendy platform shoe period of time. If you are someone who wants to keep it simple but is looking for a little more height when it comes to your shoe game I recommend getting the “Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Lift Platform converse” these are essentially just platformed chucks that come in all colors and patterns, possibly even able to design your own. There is also the “Lugger Platform Converse” and the “Hike Platform Converse” as well, these two are considered to be a little more funky or fun. The craziest new ones, which are really bold are the “Star Motion” platform ones which like all the others come in all sizes, many patterns, and have a choice of low top or high top. If you’re not into platforms I suggest trying new colors or patterns to switch up your style, and if you don’t feel like buying new shoes maybe try a sharpie to your old pair and personalize them to you, there are really no rules when it comes to Converse.