Scary Roblox Games to Get You Ready for Halloween

Logan Kelly, reporter

Roblox is a fun game to play by yourself or with your friends. But there are some special games that will certainly get you ready for the spooky season.

Doors is a horror game where you have to find keys to unlock the door you need to advance on to the next level. While you are trying to unlock the doors there’s monsters and different things like it that will chase you or will hurt you. Sometimes when you get so far there will be mazes and obstacles that you will have to avoid. If you don’t you are going to die and you can’t respawn. In all, Doors is a pretty fun game to mess around in.

The next game is the Mimic, The Mimic is a scary game that has four different levels and each level gets harder and more horrifying. For this game I would recommend that you play with other people because it’s not very fun just by yourself. There are different monsters for each level and even more obstacles that come with the level. In conclusion this game is very fun and scary when you play with the right people.

The last game is Specter. Specter is a very fun game to play with others. It’s kind of like the game phasmophobia if you’ve ever played that. The goal of Specter is to find out what the ghost is. You do that by exploring these haunted buildings and looking for evidence with tools you get to start the game and you can always buy more with the money you get at the end of the round. 

That’s my list of scary roblox games to get you ready for the spooky season.