LH Movie Review: Bodies Bodies Bodies

A deep dive into complex Gen Z relationships with Bodies Bodies and Bodies.


Image via A24

Sadie Bodzin and Naomi Hemley

In A24’s new satirical slasher ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies,’ there certainly are A LOT of bodies, bodies and bodies. But, in a shocking twist the film is not very gory and instead is a bold statement on how the people of GenZ often find it hard to form meaningful relationships as a consequence of phones and social media. The film, which is directed by Halina Reijn will leave you seriously reflecting on just how big of a role social media plays in your relationships.

The film starts with Sophie, played by Amandla Stenberg, and her new girlfriend Bee, played by Maria Bakalova, making out, with Sophie confessing her love to Bee seconds after. The film instantly shifts to the title card where both Sophie and Bee are completely captivated by their phones, showing the immediate switch from intimacy to detachment. Social media and absorbency, whether that be with yourself or with phones, is a recurring message in the film.

The couple visits Sophie’s childhood best friend´s mansion for a hurricane party, and right away Bee is obviously quite intimidated by Sophie’s rich friends. Once the hurricane actually starts, Sophie suggests they play a murder mystery game called Bodies Bodies Bodies. The lights and wifi turn off from the storm and not knowing what else to do, they split up. Instead of finding how to turn the lights back on and reconnect with the outside world, they find Sophie’s best friend David’s dead body. 

The rest of the film is a whodunit including lots of comedic bits interlaced with dark moments that will leave you wondering what all of this was for. The second act is filled with this seemingly close group of friends accusing everyone around them, leaving all the characters questioning their relationships. Having the lighting be almost entirely lit by phone flashlights during the second act sets the mood for a dark horror film centered around social media. The ending has some saying that the movie is a waste of time, but in the end, that’s the point of the movie. The ending shows how this generation’s inability to not make things about themselves, even in high stress situations, lead to their own doom. 

The entire film feels very silly, while still having underlying meanings that people today can relate to. The ending of the movie will leave your mouth ajar and realizing that all of this was for nothing at all. ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is a whodunit that gets everyone’s hands dirty, and even the audience’s morals will be severely questioned by the end.