7 Step Program to Warding off the Winter Blues


Claire Noack and Sarah Smith

As the cold weather sets in for the long haul, spirits can get as low as the temperatures outside. We, as self-proclaimed queens of the newslab, have come up with our seven step program to keep you smiling all through winter.

1. Get a Netflix


No better way to waste time than watching 3 seasons of Breaking Bad. In one day. Without getting up.

2. Make sure your wardrobe of sweatpants is up to date


The consummate fashion statement of lounging around, owning high-class sweatpants is a must for this season.

3. Become a pro at making hot chocolate


Make sure you add enough chocolate, not enough is nasty. Be warned though, too much chocolate is also a danger. Bonus points for opening the microwave door before it beeps, like a bomb defuser.

4. Claim a room (or corner) of the house as your own.


No one enters except you. And occasionally your mom, but only if she has food.

5.  Invest in a large supply of blankets and pillows


Turn your little corner or room into the coziest spot ever, with more blankets than one person could ever really need.

6. Be a master cookie eater


Santa himself should be in awe of the number of cookies you eat.

7. Become a hermit


As long as you follow the other steps for the rest of the season, don’t worry about this one. You’re already there.