Little Hawk Website Is Pacemaker Finalist

Ayla Canin, Reporter

This year The City High Little Hawk website has been selected as a finalist for the NSPA Online Pacemaker Award for the fourth time in a row.

“It’s always great,” said journalism teacher Jonathan Rogers. “I think that winning awards is great recognition for the work that [the journalists] do in the community.”

City High was chosen as one of 28 finalists from 148 nationwide entries for the NSPA Online Pacemaker Award.

“It makes me really proud,” said Rogers. “It’s always great when students work hard and their work is honored, and it’s exciting to be listed among such other great publications.”

This year The Little Hawk website has updated it’s look and started putting out more video material and podcasts, as well as sharing more news through social media.

“The best thing about the website is that you have a lot of different mediums going for it,” online editor Elijah Jones ’14 said. “You have a lot of different things going around and to me that’s the strength.”

The winners of the award will be announced at the JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention in San Diego on Saturday, April 12.

“I don’t care [if we win],” said Jones. “I’m happy that we’re finalists. I’m optimistic just to have that finalist position.”